Let's play the piano!

Musical Tunes is a musical piano game for kids, ages 1 through 6.  Our learning game, for both girls and boys, will allow little ones to develop an ear for music while improving hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.  Your child will play a variety of musical instruments – drums, flute, guitar – while having fun with the animated characters.  They will also practice identifying different, everyday sounds, such as motor vehicles and farm animals.  Children will help Bimi Boo play games by “catching” different objects before they slide away and will listen to classic nursery rhymes as well as lullabies.

This app practices the following:

  • forming sequencing and listening skills by identifying sounds in a specific order;
  • expanding memory skills by remembering musical beats and lyrics to popular lullabies;
  • improving fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination by “capturing” different objects before they disappear from the screen;
  • identifying musical notes by connecting them with the appropriate instrument.
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