Cartoons and songs

Episode 9
The Echo Song

In this fun and adventurous song Bimi Boo and his friends discover an echo in the well and learn where echos can be created.

Episode 8
The Star Song

What are stars? Do stars actually fall? Can we catch them? Bimi and his friends learn about meteorites, the stars, the universe and launch a rocket into space in this inspiring, thrilling song. Join them in this big beautiful adventure and get closer to the stars.

Episode 7
The Senses Song

When Bimi is not in the mood and everything is either “too bright”, “too loud” or “too tasty”, his friends come to the rescue and remind him about what he needs to be grateful for.

Episode 6
Let’s Read a Story

Have you ever read books that take you to magical worlds and faraway lands? This time Bimi and his friends go on big adventures through the magic of storytelling and imagination! Created to spur love for reading books.

Episode 5
The Goal Song

Get inspired to reach your dreams with Bimi Boo and his friends as they go to conquer the Big Hill and fly into the sky on Lindsey’s airplane! A fun, dynamic, inspiring song about friendship and hard work.

Episode 4
The Color Song

Bimi Boo learns the colors by associating them with the bright and happy world surrounding him. This original fun song is perfect for dances, sing-alongs and learning about the colors all around us.

Episode 3
Bimi Boo on a Rainy Day
Bimi always finds something that fascinates him, even on a gloomy rainy day – so when Bimi sees three little raindrops racing down his window pane, he cheers them on while singing and dancing under our original happy song.
Episode 2
Five Little Ducks

A fun rendition of the popular nursery rhyme, “Five Little Ducks”, starring Bimi Boo, who plays games with the little ducks and helps Mother Duck find the hiding ducklings at the end of the day.

Episode 1
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

A lovely and magical rendition of the popular nursery rhyme, “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”, starring Bimi who chases a little star which fell from the sky and puts it back into the sky just in time for bed.

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