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The Incredible Stories of Bimi Boo and Friends (2+)

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For Bimi Boo, a curious and easily-excited puppy, the world is an incredible place with much to do and learn. There is nothing that Bimi Boo won’t probe, interact with, or explore. Along with his friends, Bimi Boo learns about dance, astronomy, aerodynamics, the environment, art, physics, and biology, with some important lessons on friendship and kindness along the way. The Bimi Boo series aims to inspire children to discover how the world works, find their unique passions, and teach them that everyone is capable of doing great things.

Benefits of the show

Demonstrate diversity

Children are encouraged to understand that all individuals have different traits, strengths, and weaknesses and that celebrating this diversity is important in building a strong community.

Bimi Boo

Bimi Boo is a curious 4-year-old puppy who is forever guiding his friends through exciting adventures.  He loves exploring, discovering new things, and learning about the world around him.


Charlie the cat is Bimi’s best buddy and he loves video games and all the latest gadgets. Charlie’s curiosity and troublemaking nature often get the better of him!


Heidi is an active bubbly bunny who loves to dance! Heidi is loud and cheerful, the social butterfly of the group who likes to show off her funky moves.


Ben is a hippo with a passion for living a  healthy lifestyle. He has a garden full of fruit and veggies and loves to share his knowledge on good nutrition.


Lindsey is a brave little squirrel with a big dream: to fly high! Got a question about flying devices or on how airplanes fly? Lindsey has got you covered.


Moony is the magician, the imaginative, articulate storyteller with a fantastic explanation of the most basic things. A master magician, he will make you believe that magic is real!

Rudy & Alex

Alex (purple) and Rudy (green)  are raccoon twins who are pranksters and troublemakers, always up to no good! The twins create constant crises and chaos, willingly and unwillingly.


Maggie the llama is the mature one, the bookworm, who loves reading to her friends. Her mission is to share the importance of books, the most amazing magical things in the world.


Steve might not be the biggest fish in the sea but he sure is the smartest! He loves physics, math, and science and in his robot body-aquarium, he joins his friends on their adventures on land.


Nicole is a very French blue bird who is creative and loves to teach her friends about the importance of art, culture, and art history! Nicole has a pure and innocent vision of the world, seeing beauty in everyone and everything.

Teach in a developmentally appropriate way

These kids cartoons are based on leading child development methodologies developed by Maria Montessori, Rudolph Steiner, John Dewey, Erik Erikson, Jean Piaget, and Lev Vygotsky.

Introduce complex ideas

Exposure to more complex subject matter also helps to build neural connections and lay the foundations for later learning. The Bimi Boo little kids cartoon tackles difficult subjects in an interactive and easy-to-understand manner.

Episodes Guide


Inspire children about the natural world

This cartoon has a strong focus on the outdoors, designed to inspire children to explore the natural world.

Build on your child’s interests

Children learn more easily when educational materials are based around their interests. The Bimi Boo series is built on the interests and fascinations of modern children.

Watch together

The Incredible Stories of Bimi Boo and Friends isn’t a cartoon to simply occupy children’s time. Parents can enjoy watching the show with their children and even choose to extend this learning through activities.

Trigger curiosity

Child development experts recognize and advocate for the importance of curiosity in education. The characters are portrayed as being young children themselves. They display positive dispositions to learning, initiating it themselves through being curious and questioning.

What parents tell about us

As a speech pathologist, I’ve used Bimi Boo Coloring app with children of different ages, and it’s popular due to its numerous options for drawings and colors, providing hours of entertainment and learning. The app’s saving progress and redo features are great, although some children may be confused that they can’t paint outside the lines, including the eyes. I highly recommend this amazing app and plan to continue using it in my business

Birgitte Albæk Henriksen

Speech Pathologist

As a parent, I know how important it is to find high-quality toys that provide a fun and educational experience for kids. That’s why I’m excited to share my love for Bimi Boo toys! These wooden toys are visually appealing and offer a unique learning experience that encourages exploration, problem-solving, and creativity. Plus, they promote the development of fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. One thing that I really appreciate about Bimi Boo toys is that they are made with eco-friendly materials, so I feel good about investing in them for my child.

Sarah D.

Bimi Boo series is a wonderful kids’ show, my nephews and nieces love it. I don’t have to be looking at the TV to know they are watching it when I hear them singing along with the characters. I love how educational it is, but fun for the kids too. The background music is entertaining and fun, and there are a lot of positive messages in the songs. The graphics are really cute as well. It’s almost like watching an interactive cartoon that teaches you something new.

Emre S.

Mom’s Choice Awards Winner

44th Annual Telly Awards Silver Winner

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Kids Songs for Learning

Many researches have highlighted the crucial role of music in a child's development. The Bimi Boo series takes this concept to heart, featuring a variety of original Bimi Boo songs, and nursery rhymes, and created specifically to help children learn new skills, songs, and dances! All of Bimi Boo engaging and educational content, including original kid songs and nursery rhymes, are easily accessible on our YouTube channel.

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