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 Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids Ages 1-5

Snow is falling, friends are calling, and that means it is time to learn what kids want for Christmas.   Family and friends wonder every December–what gifts for Christmas will bring the most joy?

Consider the age of the gift receiver.  This is the single most important factor in finding a terrific Christmas gift.  By the time your child is a year old, s/he shows clear preferences for some toys and activities over others.  By the time s/he is three, they can verbalize their favorite colors, characters, and pastimes.  This will help you learn what kids want for Christmas.  

Here are some ideas for Christmas gifts. Included in this list are children’s toys for Christmas, along with crafts, and activities, you’ll want to give your little ones for Christmas.

Bring family and friends together 

Bimi Boo Board Game for Kids. Suitable for children aged 3 and up, this wooden stacking block game adds an element of excitement and strategy to playtime. The set includes 54 colored building bricks adorned with adorable animal faces, enhancing the visual appeal. Players take turns rolling the dice and strategically removing blocks from the tower without causing it to tumble. This game not only promotes hand-eye coordination but also teaches children the importance of balance and patience. Create lasting memories and laughter with this delightful board game that promises hours of entertainment for the whole family.

The Bimi Boo Matching Game is another great option for families.  This colorful playset includes animal, food, and vehicle themed food to appeal to all youngsters.

Unleashing the Magic of STEM Activities

A STEM toy or activity promotes science, technology, engineering, and/or math skills.  Children of all ages can enjoy STEM.  Bimi Boo Wooden Block Puzzle features brightly colored shapes that encourage critical thinking, problem solving, and manual dexterity skill building.  Toddlers and young school aged children will love finding many ways to solve this puzzle.

One of the original STEM activities for little minds is the timeless shape sorter.  The Bimi Boo Wooden Shape Sorter features eight shapes in four colors and is a Mom’s Choice Gold Award winner. 

Kickstart your child’s cognitive development with the Bimi Boo Early Counting Toy. This interactive and colorful toy is designed to make learning numbers a fun and engaging experience. The set includes vibrant counting blocks that introduce your little one to the world of numbers, fostering a love for math from an early age. The tactile nature of the blocks enhances sensory exploration, making it an ideal gift for toddlers and preschoolers. Watch as your child discovers the joy of counting while playing with this educational and entertaining toy.

For Puzzles Lovers

What is one of the best gift ideas this time of year?

Puzzles make the best gifts for little kids.

Bimi Boo Wooden Chunky Safari Puzzle. This beautifully crafted puzzle features chunky wooden pieces that are easy for little hands to grasp and manipulate. The safari-themed puzzle introduces children to various animals while promoting problem-solving skills and spatial awareness. As they fit the pieces together, kids will enjoy the tactile sensation of the smooth wooden surfaces. The vibrant colors and charming animal illustrations make this puzzle not only educational but also visually appealing. Gift your child the joy of exploration and discovery with this delightful safari puzzle. 

Bimi Boo Wooden Professions Puzzle Set.  Crafted with care, this puzzle introduces children to a colorful world of professions while promoting cognitive development and fine motor skills. The set features chunky wooden pieces, perfect for little hands to grasp and maneuver. Each puzzle piece represents a different profession, allowing kids to learn about various careers in a playful and engaging manner.

Pretend Play Presents

Toddlers and young children learn and grow through pretend play.  These two Bimi Boo toys encourage growth through innovative play, social-emotional learning, and pure imagination!  The Bimi Boo Wooden Toy Mixer Set will encourage your little one to be creative in the kitchen, while the Bimi Boo Wooden Fruit Cutting Toy teaches kids about nutrition.

Final Touches

And finally, every house needs stocking stuffers! Every Christmas, children run to their stockings to find adorable, practical gifts like colorful socks, and fun surprises like candy and keychains.  Below is a list of popular stocking stuffers for your little ones:

  1. Small Classic toys are always a hit!  Items like The Original Slinky, Silly Putty, and mini Play Dough fit perfectly into Christmas stockings.
  2. Kids love craft supplies, like colored pencils, crayons, and markers.
  3. Stickers are back!  They come in a variety of styles and pack sizes, making them a perfect stocking stuffer.
  4. Little fingers need warmth in the winter!  Soft knitted gloves are a great gift to find in a kid’s stocking.
  5. Traditional treats like clementines and oranges are a healthy stocking stuffer option–along with candy canes and chocolates.