FAQ – Educational Apps

Why is the application not free? Why is it expensive?

Each app of the Bimi Boo series was developed by experts to ensure the highest quality of the educational element. Every product of the brand is thought through to the smallest details. Therefore, we believe, that our prices are well justified. 

All of our demo versions are free of charge to download. Extra options and full version are available as in-app purchases. 

Is the full version based on a monthly subscription?

Most of our apps do not contain subscriptions. There are only one-time in-app purchases. 

The only app that utilizes a subscription model is Bimi Boo Academy.

How do I restore my purchase? 

Please follow these instructions in order to transfer / restore your IAP (in-app purchase):

1) Set up the account from which the purchase was performed on the device.

2) Download (!) the app with the above-mentioned account.

3) Turn ON your internet connection before app launch.

4) Launch the app and tap “restore purchases” button that is mainly located on the main menu (depends on the app).

Please kindly note that in-app purchases can be restored / transferred only within the store where they have been performed.

How do I transfer the app using Family Library service?

Due to the store policies, in-app purchases are not available for sharing. Alternatively, we suggest restoring the application through the same Apple ID or Google account depending on your application store. See Restore instructions for step-by-step instructions.

I can not restore my purchase application back. What am I doing wrong?

It is required to be logged in with the account that was used during the initial purchase. The purchased product will be seen in the order history indicating its title and price. The app requests data about purchase status for the current account and acts according to the reply received (to lock / unlock) during the launch.

Please make sure you use the correct account, you see the purchased product in your order history and you have followed all the instructions provided previously.

If this does not help, then please kindly provide us with a screenshot from your order history illustrating the purchased product and a screenshot of the main screen of the app you are trying to restore.

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