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We are a team of professionals who love to create the best solutions for the mental development of children. We bring all our knowledge, experience and emotional attitude into our work in order to delight the little ones around the world every day.
we think playing and having fun is the best way to learn new things

Our team is passionate about what we do. We consider it a huge honor to make the best educational materials for kids, day in and day out, so we put all of our energy into making sure our work is the best in the industry.

The Bimi Boo team consists of experienced play designers, graphic artists, programmers, and marketing experts. Together, our unstoppable team makes an amazing array of games, videos, and activities designed to accelerate your child’s learning.

materials for kids

array of games

We think playing and having fun is the best way to learn new things. Therefore, we design educational apps for children that help develop basic skills and that you can play together with your kids. Best of all – we do it in a safe way without advertising or any other third-party tricks.

our mission is to help kids discover that learning is fun

At Bimi Boo, we believe that playing and having fun is the best way for kids to learn new things. That’s why we strive to create high-quality apps and toys that are both fun and educational.

Our mission is to help kids discover that learning is fun and inspire them to keep learning throughout their lives. We hope that Bimi Boo will become a daily part of your child’s education.

high quality wooden toys and fun gameplay

Bimi Boo is the main character of our apps and he embodies all the personalities little kids have.

Kids are able to sort items, learn shapes, color pictures and play music instruments together with their friend, Bimi Boo

He loves to play and learn new things every day

  • Our apps feature an easy to understand interface designed especially for children under 5.
  • Fun gameplay and cute characters will be loved by every child.
  • Our toys stimulate mental activity and develop motor skills, cognitive function, imagination, and creativity.
  • All our apps and toys are thoroughly tested by children before being launched.
  • Our toys meet all safety requirements and regulations: no choking hazard, no sharp edges, no rough surfaces. And we will never show ads in our apps.

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