Wooden hammer and peg toy by Bimi Boo

2+ years

This durable wooden set is a classic pounding toy for children aged 12 months+. Playing with this colorful and safely made Bimi Boo toy, a child will develop hand eye coordination, manipulation, dexterity, and other essential skills.

Price: $14.99


Our toys are of superior quality and made of natural materials.


Bimi Boo toys are designed to be child safe and ecofriendly.


Finely crafted to develop your toddlers early cognitive functions and motor skills.

  • Classic pounding toy. Eight pegs and a wooden hammer are included.
  • No sharp edges, no rough surfaces, no toxic-paints
  • Durable and well-made wooden construction
  • Certified in the USA, Europe, Australia and New Zealand.
  • Our wooden toys are environmentally friendly, non-toxic and absolutely safe!

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