Shape sorter by Bimi Boo 4 figures set

2+ years

Shape sorters are perfect for toddlers. It exposes them to various shapes and colors, improves finger dexterity and helps fine tune their motor skills. By dropping each shape into its proper hole, young children learn the concept of cause and effect. This classic sorter consists of 8 blocks in 4 different colors: red, green, yellow and blue; and 4 basic shapes – circle, square, triangle and pentagon.

Price: $19.99


Our toys are of superior quality and made of natural materials.


Bimi Boo toys are designed to be child safe and ecofriendly.


Finely crafted to develop your toddlers early cognitive functions and motor skills.


  • A classic heirloom toy for any child
  • Certified in the USA, Europe, Australia and New Zealand.
  • No sharp edges, no rough surfaces, no toxic-paints.
  • Allows to learn shapes and colors
  • Stimulate mental activity and enhance a child cognitive development.

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