Baby Phone

Let your little one explore the world of communication with Bimi Boo and friends! Bimi Boo Baby Phone is an educational game designed for toddlers ages 1-5, offering a fun and interactive way to learn numbers, animal sounds, and more!

Why Bimi Boo Baby Phone is Perfect for Your Toddler:

  • Learn Through Play: Engage your child with a playful “baby phone” interface. They’ll learn numbers with clear pronunciation while having fun “calling” adorable animals!
  • More Than Numbers: Develop communication skills by “talking” to 6 cute characters like a cat, cow, and frog.
  • A World of Sounds: Explore a variety of animal sounds like horses, frogs, and owls, enhancing sound discrimination.
  • Get Moving: Practice large motor skills by dancing along with each character.
  • Multilingual Fun: Learn numbers and counting in over 18 languages, sparking early language skills!
  • Focus on Learning: No distracting ads interrupt your child’s play and learning experience.
  • Safe & Secure Play for All Ages: Bimi Boo Baby Phone is perfect for pre-k, kindergarten, and preschool learners. With age-appropriate content, you can rest assured your child is having fun in a safe environment.

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Learn numbers and develop communication.