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Our educational apps offer a fun and engaging way for children to learn important skills while promoting healthy development. With Bimi Boo’s interactive and age-appropriate activities, parents can feel confident about their child’s learning journey.

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Bimi Boo
Meet Bimi Boo, the adorable and endlessly curious puppy who’s always on a quest for knowledge. With boundless enthusiasm and a flurry of questions, Bimi leads his friends on thrilling adventures, uncovering secrets and finding answers that ignite their imaginations.
Get ready to be amazed by Charlie, the tech-savvy cat who’s a whiz with gadgets and gaming. When he’s not lost in the virtual world, Charlie embarks on daring escapades with his friends, using his technical prowess to solve puzzles, overcome challenges, and unlock the next level of excitement.
Get ready to boogie with Heidi, the lively and exuberant bunny who knows how to turn any moment into a dance party. With infectious energy and an arsenal of dance moves, Heidi brings joy and laughter to every occasion, making sure no one can resist joining in on the fun.
Join forces with Ben, the athletic hippo on a mission to promote a healthy lifestyle and protect the environment. With unwavering determination and a passion for sustainability, Ben inspires his friends to embrace wellness, take care of the planet, and embark on exhilarating challenges that test their physical and mental limits.
Take to the skies with Lindsey, the fearless squirrel with a dream to fly high. As a master of engineering and aviation, Lindsey designs and builds incredible flying contraptions that transport Bimi and friends to extraordinary destinations, soaring above the clouds and discovering new horizons.
Enter the whimsical world of Moony, the mischievous monkey storyteller who weaves magical tales that transport Bimi and friends to enchanting realms. With a flair for the dramatic and a touch of eccentricity, Moony’s stories ignite their imaginations, unleashing a world of wonder and endless possibilities
Rudy & Alex
Brace yourself for double the mischief and double the fun with Rudy and Alex, the rambunctious raccoon twins. Their hilarious pranks and shenanigans inject laughter and excitement into every moment, while teaching valuable lessons about friendship, compassion, and the importance of owning up to their actions.
Step into the enchanting world of Maggie, the llama with a deep love for books and knowledge. With her meticulously organized library, Maggie opens the doors to extraordinary stories and fascinating facts, guiding her friends on epic literary journeys that spark their imagination and ignite their thirst for learning.
Dive into the extraordinary adventures of Steve, the genius fish who built a remarkable robotic body-aquarium. With an insatiable curiosity and a knack for inventing extraordinary contraptions, Steve pushes the boundaries of science, turning everyday situations into mind-bending experiments and mind-blowing discoveries.
Immerse yourself in the artistic world of Nicole, the graceful and sensitive bird with an exquisite eye for beauty. With her wings fluttering in graceful gestures, Nicole captivates her friends with her creative expressions, inspiring them to see the world through an artistic lens and unlock their own inner muse.
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Bimi Boo Wooden Toys have been an absolute game-changer for our family. These beautifully crafted toys have captivated the hearts and minds of our little ones, providing endless hours of imaginative play and learning.

Bimi Boo series is a wonderful kids’ show, my nephews and nieces love it. I don’t have to be looking at the TV to know they are watching it when I hear them singing along with the characters.

As a speech pathologist, I’ve used Bimi Boo Coloring
app with children of different ages, and it’s popular due to its numerous options for
drawings and colors, providing hours of entertainment and learning.

The app’s saving progress and redo features are great, although some children may be confused that they can’t paint outside the lines, including the eyes. I highly recommend this amazing app and plan to continue using it in my business

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