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Educational videos for kids development.
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    Cute characters
  • Educative
    Learn something new
  • Watch Falcon
    Bimi Boo and Robby are playing in the yard. They notice Bimi parents looking for hairpin that has been lost in the grass. Bimi and Robby help parents with this.
  • Watch Blue Whale
    Bimi Boo is fishing with his parents. Bimi gets a fish and discusses its size with his parents. They find that it is a great opportunity to learn fantastic things about the biggest fish in the world. This time, Bimi learns new amazing facts about blue whales.
  • Watch Ostrich
    Bimi is a clever and curious little one, wants to learn something interesting. His parents are happy to tell him fascinating facts. This time he learns about the largest bird in the world – an ostrich.
  • Watch Turtle
    Today Bimi Boo is visiting his grandparents and eating his favorite apple pie cooked by Grandma.

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