Educational Apps

Make learning fun for your child with Bimi Boo educational apps! Our interactive activities are designed to promote healthy development while teaching important skills. Parents can trust Bimi Boo to provide an engaging learning journey for their little ones.

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Our online games for kids are designed to promote healthy development while preschool teaching important skills.

Alphabet & Words

Bimi Boo apps are fun tools for kids to learn ABCs and new words. With games and colorful visuals, they make learning letters and vocabulary enjoyable. Kids can trace letters, match words with pictures, and more, all at their own pace.


Empower kids to get creative with simple tools and endless possibilities. From doodling to crafting imaginative artwork, these apps provide a fun way for children to explore their artistic talents.


Bimi Boo food apps make learning about cooking fun and educational. With simple recipes and interactive games, kids can explore ingredients, create tasty dishes, and develop essential culinary skills while having fun.


Bimi Boo Math apps help kids learn math through games and challenges. From addition to geometry, they make math enjoyable.

Musical Instruments

Bimi Boo Musical Instruments apps make learning music fun and easy. Kids can experiment with virtual instruments and learn to play melodies, rhythms, and chords in a playful and interactive way.

Puzzle Apps

Puzzle apps offer a wide range of challenges for kids to solve. From jigsaw puzzles to brain teasers, these apps provide fun and stimulating activities that help develop problem-solving skills


Story app offers a magical world of adventures for kids to explore. With captivating narratives and engaging games, this app makes storytelling interactive and fun.


Transportation apps provide a fun way for kids to learn about different modes of transportation. With colorful graphics and interactive features, these apps engage young learners and spark curiosity about cars, trains, planes, and more.

Bimi Boo World
Explore, imagine & create!
Match costumes and explore fun characters.
Baby Games
Games to enhance fine motor skills, spatial recognition, and more.
Preschool Academy
Essential curriculum, engaging preschool learning.
Drawing Pages
Animated pictures, tracing, and a rainbow of colors!
Kids Puzzles
Educational puzzles with exciting game modes.
Interactive Cartoons
Educational cartoons and games for preschoolers.
Baby Phone
Learn numbers and develop communication.
Car Games
Explore vehicles and solve puzzles.
120 coloring pages to develop creativity.
Draw and color with 120+ coloring pages.
Learn new words, build critical thinking skills.
Funny Logic
Learn and play through puzzles and coloring.
Develop coordination, logic, and counting skills.
Learn numbers through engaging mini-games!
Preschool Games
Match shapes and learn about different locations!
Shapes and Colors
Puzzles and challenges promoting logic and fine motor skills.
Toddler Games
Shape sorting and pattern games for preschoolers.
Baby Piano
Learn about instruments and everyday sounds.
Kids Cooking Games
Learn and play with yummy recipes!