Educational apps

Join the adventure!
Join Bimi Boo and his friends on the adventures! Watch videos, solve problems, and play games. More than 10 interactive cartoons filled with games and activities. 
Amazing world of puzzles!
“Puzzle games for kids & toddlers” includes educational games for kids that will help your kid spend time with fun playing and learning games.
Are you ready for lessons?
Bimi Boo Kids Learning Academy is a comprehensive educational app for preschool development. Learning Academy features over 1700 entertaining games and activities that are suitable for boys and girls from 2-6 years old.
Ride and solve puzzles!
Car games is not just another racing game for kids ages 1 to 5. This amazing learning game will definitely be enjoyed by kindergarten and preschool children. It is suitable for boys and girls.
Let's learn to count!
In our new app we have prepared over 100 educational activities for your child to enjoy. These activities will teach your child how to write numbers, how to count, and how to do basic math.
Sorting educational games!
This time you will visit Bimi Boo's friends who live in the treehouse and need his help! Shapes and Colors is an educational game for kindergarten and preschool kids ages 2 to 5. Let's participate in funny educational games!
Let's solve all the puzzles!
Educational games for toddlers will help your baby spend his time with an electronic device effectively. Let your kid feel like a real artist and develop logic skills at the same time.
Enjoy games around the world!
Bimi Boo will visit 8 different locations such as jungle, sea, city, space, desert, Arctic, Wild West and oriental that contain 64 activities for toddlers that will help your baby develop basic skills.
Let's travel around the world!
This time, Bimi Boo will have a marvelous journey around the world. He will visit different areas and complete various tasks. For example, help penguins with building their houses in the Arctic or equip a car for safari in Africa.
Let's play the piano!
Baby piano is a music game for kids of 1 to 6 years old. Our learning game for girls and boys will allow little ones to develop creativity, an ear for music, hand-eye coordination, fine motor and attention.
Join educational birthday party!
It is Bimi’s birthday and his friends want to hold a real party. So, we will help them to make all the preparations: make a cake, buy gifts, decorate the yard. Let's learn and have fun!
Learn first words!
Baby flashcards is an awesome choice for your child to learn first words without ads. The game process is both learning and entertaining. It is designed to make sure little kids enjoy the game.
Make your little artists happy!
Let your child feel like a real artist. Enjoy great drawing lessons and amazing coloring with Bimi Boo. Develop creativity and learn colors. Make your little artists happy!
Let's paint the world!
The app includes coloring activity which is friendly to the youngest as well as drawing lessons intended to develop fine motor skills. Also, the app contains pictures on different topics.
Let's learn colors and shapes!
It’s time to play and learn. Bimi Boo is on a wondrous island and he has a lot of tasks to do. Learn to sort by color and quantity to help Bimi solve all the tasks.
Have a funny phone conversations
Boys and girls will be able to learn numbers with correct pronunciation and have fun with different sounds. Call cute animals and talk to them in a very simple interactive way.
Let's solve a magic puzzle!
Amazing heroes are waiting for you with entertaining puzzles and amusing games. Each hero have unique games for you: dress up, puzzle, funny game and dance party.
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