This coloring app is made for preschool as well as kindergarten children.  It includes 120 pictures for coloring that will keep your child entertained for hours while developing creativity, fine motor skills, and hand-eye coordination. Our coloring game is great for both girls and boys, and it offers a variety of subjects such as dinosaurs, princesses, aliens, and sea creatures.  Children can choose from assorted colors, patterns, and designs – there is even a glitter background!

Our app is perfect for children who want to develop their creativity and their drawing skills.

This app practices the following:

  • Following directions by choosing the correct colors to fill-in pictures of robots, cars and trucks, and Christmas scenes;
  • Promoting fine motor skills by using coloring instruments – pencils, brushes, and spray colors;
  • Engaging critical thinking skills and correcting mistakes by using an “undo” button;
  • Recognizing colors and patterns while creating fun pictures.

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120 coloring pages to develop creativity.