Funny Logic

Let's solve all the puzzles!

Funny Logic is an educational game for kids and toddlers, ages 1 through 5.  Children will develop skills – attentiveness, coordination, visual perception, and fine motor skills – while solving logic puzzles meant to entertain.

When beginning the game, children color animal characters with a magic brush before collecting puzzle pieces.  After the puzzle is assembled, there is a cute, animated character that will definitely entertain your child.  There are various puzzle sets with different topics, such as a farm, a jungle, Christmas, and fairy tales.  The game also includes sea creatures, sweets, professions, outer space, Halloween, and dinosaurs.


These are the many advantages to this application:  

  • age appropriate for children, ages 1 through 5;
  • puzzles that develop logical thinking and coordination;
  • coloring for children that will entertain both girls and boys;
  • 10 topic packs with 120 puzzles included;
  • adorable and lively animation at the end of each task.


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