Preschool Academy

Bimi Boo Kids Learning Academy provides an outstanding and fun-to-play learning experience for your child. Designed in collaboration with child psychologists and experts in child education and presented in an entertaining and colorful form, the app covers the essential curriculum for a preschool program: letter and number recognition, reading, tracing, spelling, phonics, addition, subtraction, shapes, colors, patterns and much much more.

Meet Bimi Boo’s new friends and open new activities. Complete the rooms to unlock the cut scenes with the adventures of Bimi and his friends along the academy. Experience unique moments throughout the whole learning path – Bimi’s and Hydie’s Birthday Parties, conduct laboratory experiments, learn Astronomy, find out how to make a good pizza and many more.

Kids Learning Academy features:

  • 1700+ educational activities for kids and toddlers;
  • dozens of activities to boost a child’s cognitive development;
  • progress tracking for parents;
  • up to 3 profiles on a single account;
  • specially designed for kindergarten and preschool kids under 6 years old;
  • develops creativity, logical thinking, fine-motor skills, problem solving ability and imagination;
  • professional voice-over by over 15 voice actors;
  • over 50 topics covered including letters, numbers, animals, plants, shapes, colours, professions, weather, food, dinosaurs, transportation, directions etc;
  • safe experience for children – no ads or external links.

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Essential curriculum, engaging preschool learning.