Preschool Games

Spark your child’s curiosity and ignite a love of learning with Bimi Boo Preschool Games! This engaging app, designed for toddlers aged 2-4, takes your little one on a delightful journey around the world, with exciting games that nurture essential skills through play. 

Discover Why Bimi Boo Preschool Games app is Ideal for Your Child:

  • Developed with Experts: Created in collaboration with preschool education specialists, these games ensure your child’s learning experience is valuable and effective.
  • Learn Through Play: 15 engaging games help your child learn about sorting, classifying, shapes, colors, quantities, logic, and more, all wrapped in exciting adventures with Bimi Boo!
  • Global Exploration: Travel the world with Bimi Boo! From the Arctic to the Savannah, each location offers unique games that introduce your child to the diversity of the planet.
  • Skill-Building Fun: Develop essential skills like visual perception, concentration, hand-eye coordination, and logical thinking through interactive gameplay.
  • Entertaining & Educational: Colorful graphics, delightful animations, and fun sound effects keep your child engaged and entertained while they learn.
  • Suitable for All Learners: Bimi Boo Preschool Games is a valuable tool for pre-k learning and early development.


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Match shapes and learn about different locations!