Fun Activities for Toddlers During Bath Time

Bath time is a vital part of a kid’s daily routine. 

It is either fun or a very stressful activity, depending on factors like your little one’s exhaustion level and several other things.

But overall, children enjoy bath time, especially if they get to partake in fun activities, play and enjoy themselves.

Fun Activities Your Kids Can Safely Explore During Bath Time

Daily baths are usually an indulgence for adults, but to kids, it is a routine.

Routines tend to bore children, hence, the tantrums when it is time for their daily clean up.  

If you are looking for new ways your toddlers can enjoy a fun bath time, search no further. 

Whether your little ones are toddlers or pre-schoolers, here is a list of games and activities they will love.

With these, you are sure of them begging you for a clean-up every evening!

1. Water Balloons

Balloons are an inexpensive and easy way to entertain any toddler, and no more so than during bath time. 

All you require is water balloons and water. Fill your balloons with air, some with cold water, and a few with coloured bath tablets.

Then, place them into the tub. Your kid will enjoy exploring the soft texture of the balloons and the sensation when they burst.

Also, you can engage them to pop the balloons to reveal the hidden coloured tablets. 

The ones with the tablet inside will turn the bathwater into another colour shade, making a great sensory play.

2. Picasso in Water

Water and painting is a unique combination that never fails to spark a toddler’s creativity. 

You require an ice tray and washable bath paint that would not stain or react with children’s skin for this activity.

Let your tray serve as a palette and mix a different colour in each cube. 

Give your younger kids a paintbrush to express their creative genius on the tub or their bodies while taking a warm bath. 

The older kids can paint the shower walls and also write words on them with their fingers.

Do not worry; the paint will wash off to allow them to have free rein painting the shower walls.

Use this activity as a fun way for your kids to practice their spelling.

3. A Puppet Show

Turn your kid’s bath time into an interactive puppet show with the aid of some ready-to-buy washcloth puppets. 

You can get various washcloths, including giraffes, pigs, monkeys, and any animal your little one loves.

Alternatively, you can make some DIY washcloth puppets with as little as a hand towel, fabric paint, and a few designs to save cost. 

4. Fishing for Letters

Did you know that your fridge magnet letters can make a creative bath time game for kids?

Make a fish rod with a string and magnets attached to its end.  Then, pop the fridge magnet letters into the bathwater.

With these simple steps, your child’s fishing expedition can begin. 

You could turn the water to the sea colour with a few drops of blue food colouring and items like rubber fish or plastic seaweeds for an added real-life effect.

The fishing for letters game improves your child’s motor skills, and they also get to learn about the sea world.

Count how many ‘fishy’ letters they catch and reward at the end of their bath.

5. Mini Car Wash

If your child is a fan of cars, open up a car wash during their evening clean-up.

A late-night car wash is easy to set up — with music and plenty of toy cars, you are good to go.

Also, this is a great bath time activity; you can teach your little one the different colours, shapes, and sizes.

Make Bath Time Safe and an Exciting Time for Toddlers

Tips to Make Bath Time Safe and an Exciting Time for Toddlers

Research shows that bath time is essential for your child’s cognitive skills and stimulates their overall development.

Some parents cherish bath time because of the bonding experience they get to share wand the playful splashes.

Most parents detest the whole process of wet bathroom floors and the “shampoo-in-the-eye” screams of their kids.

Likewise, most children enjoy bath time, and others think it is the worst part of their day and fight against it.

Either way, whether you love it or detest it, bath time is a vital part of parenting. 

You might also make the most of it and help your kids enjoy it with these tips below.

1. Keep Everything within Arm’s Reach

To ensure that you do not leave your child unsupervised at any time, arrange everything required for a successful bath.

Before you put your child in the bath, make sure their shampoo, washcloths, towels, and toys are easily accessible during the duration of the bath.

2. Check the Water Temperature

If the water is scalding hot, it is a safety issue for kids— especially toddlers; and water that is too cold is not comfortable to bath with either.

Aim for a bathwater temperature of between 90-100 degrees Fahrenheit. 

You can even carefully place your child’s feet into the water to get a feel for the temperature. If he likes it and does not cry out, then lower him in slowly for a bath.

Also, if it’s possible, ensure that the room temperature is warm to create a positive overall bath time experience for your kids.

3. Bring in The Toys

Get creative by introducing toys into the bath time. 

To keep your little one interested, do a weekly rotation of the toys. 

You can also get colourful options like glow sticks, bath markers, etc., to create loads of fun and put a smile on your child’s face. 

However, ensure that each toy is age-appropriate for your child. 


With each activity, bath safety is of the utmost importance because accidents are prone to happen within a split second.

Hence, parents must supervise kids whenever they are around water to avoid slipping in the tub or drowning.

Toddlers lack coordination, so consider using a slip-resistant plastic mat for more traction when they bathe.

If your kid throws tantrums or cries often at every bath, it is probably due to them struggling with the sensory experience overload. 

So, speak with their paediatrician so your little one can enjoy all the fun during bath time.