How to Plan a Fun Vacation with Kids

If you have always loved vacationing, there is no need to stop it because of your children. 

Believe it or not, it is easy and even possible to plan a fun family vacation with your children.

However, there are some crucial questions you have to consider when planning a vacation with your family.

Do you think you will have more fun with your partner with the children around?

Or, do you need some free time for yourselves to unwind and have fun?

Tips for a Kid Inclusive Vacation Trip

Vacations are golden experiences for kids because these trips form rich childhood memories.

However, even with just family and friends, vacations are usually very stressful. 

The disrupted schedules to the traveling and the meltdown from kids can quickly turn into a recipe for the disorder.

Do you want a perfect kid-inclusive vacation? Here are six tips to maximize the joy and fun everyone has on the trip.

1. Start the Planning Process

It would be best if you considered several various vacation options and envision what works for your family.

What type of activities will children participate in while on vacation?

Every fun vacation with little kids requires an adequate, fair amount of planning. Early planning ensures that you do not miss anything.

Likewise, it minimizes the risk of unmet expectations!

2. Give Kids Prior Reminders about Upcoming Events 

So your little ones know what to expect, before the trip, it’s recommended to create a little book that shows them the scheduled plans for each day. 

The book will help them look forward to the vacation and overcome any fear they might have about leaving the comfort of their home environment.

Don’t necessarily make it fancy — print out pictures on loose-leaf paper, and allow the kids to draw a picture of what they anticipate to add to the book.

3. Location

The most important question to answer before embarking on a trip is where you want your family and friends to visit.

Confirm the weather forecast for the proposed location and factors like the distance from and to the airport.

Narrow the search to verify if the location is a kid-friendly all-inclusive place, so you are not surprised when you get there.

It is essential to know if there are structures that you and your kids are interested in where everyone can play and relax.

4. Maintain the Children’s Schedule 

The security of familiar routines is vital to children’s participation and enthusiasm during out-of-home experiences.

They get overwhelmed by strange events. Hence, as much as parents can, try keeping them on a schedule.

Also, patience is needed for periods they either get overexcited or irritable.

5. Have Age-appropriate Expectations

You cannot expect a three-year-old to sit quietly during a fancy dinner. 

To ensure everyone is having fun, including kids, set up ways to keep them occupied. 

If they can read, purchase them a new book they can’t wait to read. 

However, for toddlers who are too young for book reading, there is an option for interactive games and toys.

6. Include Fun Activities

If you are traveling with kids, you will need various daily activities to keep them entertained.

Research the availability of on-site activities, kids’ games, beaches, and programs that cater to families with children.

During the vacation, include fun activities for the children to cool off and get wild. 

Kids need events where they chill out and do activities that relax them. Activities such as drawing, swimming, playing with little figurines, etc., are good ideas.

It is incredible how much more willing and cooperative your child is during the vacation after a ten-minute water fight. 

Best kid-friendly tips & fun family vacation ideas

Vacation Places Your Family Will Love

Finally, your little ones are old enough to go on that vacation you have always envisioned for your family.

There are many vacation options, but it is essential to note that not all vacation spots are perfect for families with kids.

When selecting one of your thousands of vacation ideas with toddlers, the vital thing is considering who else will be traveling.

What sort of experiences do you think will be fun and exciting for them?

Answering these questions will help you plan the perfect vacation for your family where everyone has fun.

Here are some of the top vacation places you can choose from:

1. Resorts Designed for Families

The perfect thing about family-inclusive resorts is that you know your vacation cost ahead of time. 

These resorts are beneficial for families vacationing with children, especially in food and entertainment, as prices are at a discount.

In addition, these family resorts are one of the safest vacation spots for toddlers because it often has 24-hour security within the property. 

Depending on your price budget, these resorts offer special nanny services, meal programs for toddlers, and family suites with different rooms for older children. 

2. Beach Getaways

Can children ever reject a beach vacation? 

Whether it is their first time at the beach or a family beach vacation, they are sure to enjoy themselves with their favorite people in the world.

Beach vacation is guaranteed to give optimum fun as activities range from basking in the sun, building sandcastles, and playing around the shore.

However, travel with loads of sunscreen, so you do not about your kids playing around in the sun

3. An Aquarium

Including a trip to an aquarium is both educational and fun for little kids. 

An aquarium visit is an utterly fascinating experience as they get to immerse themselves in the ‘ocean’ life and see several spectacular creatures of the sea. 

Aquarium windows are usually close to the ground, so they get the opportunity to enjoy the sights and probably won’t stop talking about it for days!


Parenting in public, especially during vacation, is mainly challenging as children are often not on their best behavior when out of their routine and schedules. 

The most important tip to ensure everyone enjoys themselves is to stay calm amid the stress.

Remember that the younger kids depend on you to help them regulate their moods, so use this opportunity to give them a vacation they will never forget.