Introducing the Academy

Every day, we receive questions from parents who appreciate our apps asking when we will release the next one and what kind of app it will be. Now, we finally have the answer!

We can’t wait to show you the brand-new app from Bimi Boo!

We worked on this application for more than a year, and we’re very proud to introduce it to you and tell you the story of how we developed it.

Why is the Academy a completely new application?

Until now, every Bimi Boo app focused on one or two activities that were important for kids between the ages of 2 and 5. But, some time ago, we had an idea to create a much more complex app where children would learn about shapes, colors, numbers, and letters. Even more, they would learn to read, develop their creativity, and discover the world around them.

Realizing that we would need to create something large, intricate, and comprehensive to achieve our goal, we started developing this exciting new idea.

On the first day we started developing the Academy, we asked ourselves several questions:

  • Could we make an app that children would use happily day after day, and that would also teach them something new each time they opened it?
  • Could we ensure that the app would completely equip children with the most essential pre-school skills?
  • Did we want to expand the world of Bimi Boo and introduce new and interesting characters?

The answer to each question was yes, and our work began.

Why an Academy?

For a preschooler, school is a whole new world. For a 2-year-old, it’s still a ways off, but for a 5-year-old, it’s just around the corner. Many young children like to play pretend school, imagining the lessons they will have someday. They love to watch cartoons and read stories about school.

For those reasons, we came up with the concept of an app-based around school.

When they are in school, children don’t only build their knowledge and make new, amazing discoveries about the world around them—they also go through the process of socialization. Their worlds expand to include new people and experiences. When playing our app, children will be able to completely immerse themselves in the atmosphere of a classroom while still at home. It will not only keep them engaged, it will also prepare them to be successful learners when they actually enter school.

Growing up with Bimi Boo

The Academy is more than just 1000+ games for kids to play. It is first and foremost a well-organized and carefully planned Learning Path. We put the games and subjects in order of increasing complexity and organized them according to children’s ages and levels of development.

Now, preschoolers can literally grow up alongside the app. Parents have often told us that their children feel like they’re growing up with Bimi Boo, something that has always made us very happy. With the Academy, children will benefit even more than they have in the past.

It was very exciting to work with child psychologists and teachers to develop our Learning Path. We integrated the advice and recommendations from these specialists to make the app as effective as possible.

Introducing an all-new setting and story

Every school is home to a lot of interesting personalities. When we decided to include more content in the app, we knew we needed to expand the world of Bimi Boo. We also needed to establish a step-by-step Learning Path, and we decided that it would be best if the path followed a narrative.

So now, there are a lot of new characters in the world of Bimi Boo, including Bimi’s friends and teachers. It was particularly fun for us to craft the characters, from the way they look to what subjects they’re associated with.

We have a large team. We think that, during development, many of our team members picked their favorite heroes and even started to feel connected to them, though none of them will admit it!

Of course, the app doesn’t just come with new characters—it also comes with a sweet children’s story about a year of learning in the Academy.

That story makes the Academy the first app from Bimi Boo with a real script! For us as developers, writing the story was perhaps the most enjoyable and fascinating part of creating the Academy.

Introducing an all-new setting and story

Staying true to our brand principles

With the Academy app, we have stayed true to our goal to make high-quality, exceptional apps for successful childhood development as well as to our principles as a brand.

  • Easy to use. All educational material is presented in an easy-to-understand format that children find engaging.
  • Child-friendly interface. We ensure that the interface is accessible through extensive testing.
  • High-quality video and animation. As always, we make 100% sure that our app looks outstanding.
  • Valuable educational information. Children who use the app don’t just play games, they learn and grow!

Watch this short video about how we created the Academy:

Working on the Academy has given us valuable experience designing games. It was a very serious undertaking, and, having finished it, we can now say that we’re capable of far more than ever before.
 Finally, we’re happy to tell you that the app is already available for download on AppStore!
 Click to find out more and try out the Academy for yourself.
 With love,
 The Bimi Boo team