Kids Halloween Costumes for 2020 and Popular Halloween Games

Halloween is the perfect holiday for children to unleash their creativity as they participate in games, fun activities, and wear costumes.

On Halloween day, the popular saying ‘the family that plays together, stays together,’ applies as parents and their children can dress up in creative themed- costumes, go from house to house trick-or-treating, and attend parties.

Creative Halloween Costume Ideas for Children

Have you figured out the costumes your children will be wearing during the Halloween celebrations? 

As the traditional holiday is fast approaching, an activity that children, especially those who enjoy dressing up, look forward to is their costume selection.

With all the monsters, spider webs, and zombie outfits, it can be hard during the Halloween preparations, to choose a costume that perfectly fits your child’s personality. 

Whether you want a classic horror costume or a modern outfit, here are ten creative costume ideas guaranteed to win the hearts of your little ones.


With just a creative makeup and a white fabric, you can turn your child into the most stylish ghost in town. There is nothing like seeing a child in a ghost costume. 


This costume idea is for children whose favorite stackable toy is Legos. The bricks on the costume are one of the features that your child can use to impress their friends.

Baby Pumpkin

Are you looking for a great Halloween costume? Why not a baby pumpkin? All you need to pull off this look are fuzzy pumpkin hats and pajamas. 

Peter Pan

Your child’s favorite movie is the creative inspiration behind this costume. To transport your toddlers to the magic of Neverland, the costume should be either Peter Pan, Tinkerbelle, or the Lost Boy.

SpongeBob Square Pants

SpongeBob costume is such an easy and comfortable outfit the kids will enjoy. There are so many SpongeBob costume variations you can order online, or you can choose to opt for a DIY dress.

Mario and Luigi

If you have twins or multiples, you can turn both of them into Super Mario’s Mario and Luigi. All you need are overalls from their closets, red and green hats, and carved pumpkins for extra fun

Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz

The Wizard of Oz Dorothy is the perfect costume for children to portray their individual style. All you need are red ribbons, a plaid dress, and bow headbands.

Cute Witch

Use dresses they already own to embody this look. For your children to be this classic Halloween character, grab a black dress, pointy hats, and cape! 

Fairy Costume

The easiest way to turn your kid into a fairy is by attaching faux butterflies to their headbands and pairing it with a dress from her closet. 


Dressing up as a pirate for Halloween allows children to channel their inner wildness. To nail this costume, you should have striped shirts, fake money bags, black trousers and masks, and, of course, an eye patch.

What are the Benefits of Your Children Wearing Halloween Costumes?

Developing Their Social Skills

When trick-or-treating, most children wear costumes and go in groups. As they are asking for treats, their social skills, such as communication, cooperation, and being kind, are developed. 

Helps Children Master Their Emotions

Several Halloween costumes are scary and very frightening. When children wear these costumes, it introduces them to potentially frightening situations and encourages them to master and overcome their fears. 

Encourages Them to Explore

Naturally, children love exploring. Through Halloween costumes, they learn about different Halloween characters and explore their lives by imitating their character, actions, and words.

Improves Their Imagination

With Halloween costumes, there is no limit to who children can be. This is the chance for their imaginations to run free as they decide the Halloween costume they want to wear. 

The benefit of improving children’s imaginations also extends to their adult years as they grow up to be better at creative thinking.

They Have Fun

One of the most evident benefits of children wearing Halloween costumes is that they have fun! The possibility of being transformed into a torching pumpkin or a ghost is enough to excite anyone. 

Popular Halloween Games for Children

Your Halloween party can include more activities than just spooky costumes, watching horror movies, and trick-or-treating. These popular Halloween games below are perfect for keeping children entertained and engaged at your party.

Monster Freeze Dance

This is the perfect game for children to show off their dance moves. In this game, any child caught moving immediately after the Halloween tune stops will be out of the game.  

Pumpkin Bowling

Every child will love this popular Halloween game. In the game, several small pumpkins will serve as their “bowling balls.” The pumpkins are ready for bowling once the stems are cut close to the surface.  

Skeleton Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts are easy to set up at your parties. The game concept is to have the children hunt for each of the skeletal bones around the party area. So, purchase plastic skeletons, disassemble each bone, and hide before the game starts. 

Dead Man’s Treasure

For the Halloween version of Pirate’s Treasure, use themed-objects like glow sticks for the treasure. To be more creative, plastic pumpkins or decorative paper bags should be used as treasure chests.

Musical Pumpkins

Just like in musical chairs game, the children will move from pumpkin to pumpkin. To set up this Halloween game, pumpkin shapes should be carved from construction papers and arranged like baby pianos on the floor. To make the game more entertaining, allow them to share pumpkins among themselves as each carved pumpkin is removed in each round.


Halloween is meant to be a horror-filled themed; however, seeing children in their costumes is always cute. To leave a memorable Halloween experience for children, always ensure that the costumes they choose are easy to wear and comfortable for them.

Also, if you are skeptical about any costume’s idea, do not hesitate to communicate with them. This is crucial in making their Halloween experience both pleasant and fun.