Making-of Baby Piano

Fostering a love of music while also developing a sense of pitch are both extremely important qualities for children to learn as they begin to understand the world around them. Music not only helps them expand creatively and unlock various parts of the brain that they haven’t yet explored, it also brings a ton of fun and a lifelong hobby. As you all know, we have an excellent, most-popular music app for children – Baby piano! Lots of toddlers and their parents fell in love with this app, but we didn’t want to settle for less than the absolute best in children’s educational entertainment. We kept expanding and continued to develop the app even further and even better than before!

We decided to update our favorite application to its maximum potential! As you already know from our teasers on YouTube, we added 2 completely new levels and also improved our existing mini-games.

Now, we wanted to describe in more detail how we finalized our application and made it the best music application yet.

In the Making

Everything wonderful always begins with a simple idea or inspiration. We decided to make a mini-game, during which the child himself would play popular songs. Thus, our Piano section was born and the rest of the magic is history.

But to ensure our products are only the highest in educational quality (especially when creating something new), we always consult with psychologists. And this new section was no exception! Ongoing research by the National Institutes of Health, show that playing music lights up unexpected areas of the brain, ultimately enhancing processing and creativity. Music has also been studied as an effective treatment for everything from memory to a bad mood, to movement and even, Alzheimer’s research. The possibilities for where auditory processing of music can take us is evolving and expanding. We are learning so much about the power that music plays in our brain and our mood—even its relation to high-quality music programs and higher standardized test scores. The sky’s the limit!

In order to improve this music application wherever possible, our illustrators and animators created new characters, separately for each section.

During our initial brainstorm meeting, we also had the idea to create a special section that all ages could know and love – Lullabies. This section is beautifully illustrated and animated. It is impeccably designed and beautiful to look at. We also created additional characters which will help your child learn to fall asleep.

For each character, we also created a separate special melody. Each one is extraordinarily beautiful in its own unique way. We even bet that you, the parents, will like these melodies too. You can feel secure to turn on the lullabies and let your baby drift off to sleep in the comfort of their own bed knowing their little brain will continue to learn and grow through the power of melodies.

To update the rest of our mini games, we wanted to grant you a few wishes of your own. We took feedback and advice from parents, as well as, the advices of our psychologists to make sure everyone had a say in the final product.

The gameplay was then improved and made even better than before. It is really impossible not to notice stunning visual changes. We updated the main page, made it more bright and convenient to use. Then, we completely changed and animated the background in each section, adding amazing new sounds and a variety of musical instruments. The gameplay of the Games section is now much better and of course, we changed a little bit of the games themselves, to give it a nice, new update. We are sure your kids will be as happy as we are!

Of course, before every big release, we wanted to test our apps with our most important audience — the children. We know children will always let us know their honest opinion about what they’re thinking and feeling. This application was no exception.

We were pleasantly surprised at how the testing of the Baby Piano application was carried out. All the children were delighted! Girls really liked the Lullaby section because of the graphics and animation; Boys are more attracted to the Mini-games. However, both of them really liked the other sections as well, especially the Piano.

The best motivation to keep working is always great feedback from the children themselves, because everything we do, we do with the care and love for audience of kiddos!

Parents also recognized that with our applications, they are each easy to use. They liked that children can easily learn to distinguish between the different sections like transport, animals, different sounds and popular songs.

For us, this feedback is more than we could have ever asked for, because we aspire not only to entertain, but also to teach children to love music and develop an understanding of those basic music skills that will carry them into their educational future and beyond.