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Shapes and Colors

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Shapes and Colors

Shapes and Colors is an educational game for kindergarten and preschool children aged 2 to 5. Our app contains 15 learning activities for toddlers to encourage them to learn through play. These baby games will allow boys and girls to develop logic, memory, attention, visual perception, fine motor skills, and creativity in an entertaining way. Children will encounter different learning activities in the form of entertaining puzzles and challenges. The Shapes and Colors app has games for boys and girls of different age groups based around cute animals. This app is designed to help children develop essential skills in a fun way and is also suitable for children with special needs such as autism.

This entertaining app is optimized for use on tablets and phones and includes the following features:

  • educational games for 1 to 5-year-olds
  • puzzle games for 3-year-olds
  • shapes and colors games for toddlers
  • games designed to develop basic skills
  • counting games to learn numbers 1-3.

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