Parental love

Every decision a parent makes is based out of love for that particular child. And the really hard part is that children need different types of love depending on their personality. You may have three children but each of them can be completely different, causing you to need to be a completely different type of

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Bringing Home Baby

Your firstborn is your bread and butter. You’ve lived and breathed all the things for that special child since the first day she was born. But now that you’re expecting a new little one, it can be natural to worry about how they’ll fit into the family dynamic and how your oldest will handle having

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Raising bilingual children

Learning two languages simultaneously requires time and effort. Teaching two languages to someone else, like your child, could be an even bigger endeavor. But is it worth the effort? Research has linked bilingualism not only to an increased academic ability but enhanced creativity, cognitive flexibility, and better cross-cultural understanding. There is even scientific research that shows that

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Social-Emotional Skills

In the workplace employers look for knowledge, skills, and abilities commonly known as KSA’s; as adults, we’ve acquired those through a lifetime of learning. For every little one, knowledge will come with time; building needed social-emotional skills will aid them in developing abilities which will help them be successful in their early lives, through adolescence,

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Making Friends

Forming friendships is an important milestone for your child to reach. The entire process of learning how to make friends and how to interact with others can be an ever-changing and evolving experience. Though children start forming friendships during their early years, it may take until adulthood for the process to be complete. As a

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