10 Benefits of Early Education

There is no doubt that parents go to extreme lengths so their kids can access only the very best — the highest-quality education, feeding, protection, etc. From the toddler stage to the teen years, children undergo a shocking amount of growth and development.  By the time your little one is done with kindergarten, about 90 percent of their brain

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STEM Activities for Preschoolers

Preschoolers have a wide-open curiosity about the world and often ask creative questions about STEM. Most preschoolers enjoy exploring science, building blocks, and crazy sculptures. Hence, the best way to facilitate learning is to provide STEM activities while also sitting back and observing their growth. STEM activities are one of the most entertaining ways to engage your

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Early Maths Activities

Not every kid learns at the same pace, and unfortunately, math is one of those topics that challenge most children. It would be best to incorporate math into your kids’ routine as it is a vital skill needed in their everyday lives. Research shows that children having excellent math skills is one of the best predictors of

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Social-Emotional Learning for Little Kids

What is Social-Emotional Learning? Recently, Social-Emotional Learning, a new curriculum, was added to many preschools and daycares. Social-Emotional Learning is a set of skills that enables children to make responsible choices, manage big feelings, identify and maintain positive relationships, show empathy, and choose and achieve goals. Little ones do not need to be in a

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Types of Play For Toddlers

“Play gives children a chance to practice what they are learning.” — Fred Rogers (aka Mr. Rogers, producer of TV’s Mr. Rogers Neighborhood) Play is an essential part of every child’s development. Play begins long before children can hold toys or learn rules, and play helps in brain and personality development. Play can occur at almost

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