App Testing 101

Here at Bimi Boo Kids, we know that giving a child the opportunity to learn is the best gift you can ever give. As parents ourselves, we want to make apps that are good and useful for our own children. We want real teaching tools that help children learn and have fun. We want something

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Introducing the Academy

Every day, we receive questions from parents who appreciate our apps asking when we will release the next one and what kind of app it will be. Now, we finally have the answer! We can’t wait to show you the brand-new app from Bimi Boo! We worked on this application for more than a year,

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Making-of Baby Piano

Fostering a love of music while also developing a sense of pitch are both extremely important qualities for children to learn as they begin to understand the world around them. Music not only helps them expand creatively and unlock various parts of the brain that they haven’t yet explored, it also brings a ton of

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Benefits of “The Incredible Stories of Bimi Boo and friends”

Children love to watch cartoons and parents love to watch their children learning: The Incredible Stories of Bimi Boo and friends is a series that appeals to both adults and children alike. This cute cartoon series about the adventures of a curious puppy, Bimi Boo, and his diverse group of friends has been designed with child development

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