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Numbers for kids is an educational game for kindergarten and preschool kids aged 2 to 6. This game will allow boys and girls to easily learn numbers 1 to 20 by playing entertaining mini-games. Learning numbers features over 100 educational activities for your child to enjoy designed to help children to develop important basic skills such as creativity, motor skills, coordination, attention and memory. The game will teach your child to identify numbers and then count, write, and pronounce them correctly. The learning process is easy and extremely engaging. The game is also available in a variety of languages. Each number in our educational game has its own story. This makes the game process diverse and exciting for children. The game includes essential learning activities such as number tracing, math and counting. 

This game contains all the necessary tools for studying numbers:

  • number learning 
  • tracing and counting from 1 to 20
  • math game for preschoolers
  • learning numbers in 17 different languages
  • over 100 educational activities 
  • kids number games with cute animals.

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